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Switching To A Christian Preschool? What Parents Need To Know About The Change

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Is your family searching for a new Christian preschool program? Your child is already in care—but you need to switch to a new early care program. Whether you're not satisfied with the current center, started a new job in a new area, just moved to a new town, or have another reason for making this change, take a look at what you need to know about switching to a Christian-based pre-K. 

Make A List of Likes and Dislikes

This isn't your family's first experience with child care. Now that your preschooler has months or years of early childhood education behind them, you may know more about what you want for their future. Think about what you liked and disliked about their last center and list your must-haves and must-not-haves. These could include:

  • The religious focus. Are you switching from a non-denominational pre-K to a Christian school? The religious focus should fall under your must-haves on a list.

  • The schedule. Did you like your child's last program's flexible part-time/full-time/drop-in options? If flexibility is important to you, choose a new program that offers similar services. Likewise, think about the drop-off and pick-up times. Select a new center that provides similar opening/closing hours.

  • Kindergarten options. A pre-K with a Christian kindergarten program gives your child the chance to stay in the same school for more than one year.

Other likes/dislikes to consider include meals/snacks, the availability of outdoor activities, staff qualifications, sick child policies, and age/room groupings.

Talk To Your Child

A preschooler who has spent months or years in one center may feel strong attachments to the staff, other children, or to the school itself. While a switch to a new center may break up the sense of comfort that your child has felt during their time in care, this transition is sometimes necessary. Before you change centers:

  • Discuss the transition in an age-appropriate way. You don't need to spend hours explaining every intricate detail of the switch to your child. Instead, give your child a basic explanation and the facts that they need to know. Make sure to include the Christian focus of the new school. 

  • Stay positive about the new center. Your child may have adored their old center. But you're sure your family needs to switch to a new pre-K. If your child is struggling to leave their former program, talk up the new one. Play up the positive factors, such as new friends, a bright new classroom, or fun-filled Christian-focused activities.

  • Ask for questions. Preschoolers may have concerns about the move. Open the discussion up to questions. Provide easy to understand, but completely honest, answers.

A school tour may help to ease this transition. Ask the center to schedule a visit to your child's new classroom. This gives your child time to see their new surroundings, meet their new teacher, and make new friends.

Contact a Christian preschool near you to learn more.