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Worried About Your Child's Education? 4 Things To Consider When Looking Into Private Schools

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Now that you've decided to send your child to a private school, it's time to make sure you choose the right now. Sending your child to private school is a big step. It's going to require a commitment in both time, and money; both are reasons why you want to ensure that the school you choose is the right fit for your child. The best way to know that you've chosen the right school is to tour several of them before settling on one. While you're touring prospective private schools, here are four things you should look into:

Head to the Library

You're going to be touring a lot of schools. The place you should begin your tour is the library of each school. You want your child to be surrounded by words while they're attending school. You want them to have access to plenty of books; for research and for enjoyment. You also want to ensure that each school has a full-time librarian who will be there to help your child. Check the books to make sure there's a sufficient supply of book research-based books and pleasure-reading books. Finally, look to see how many seats are available for students to sit down and study, or relax with a book.

Make Sure It's Well-Rounded

Whether your child is interested in one specific course of study, such as the sciences or the arts, it's important for them to receive a well-rounded education. Before you choose a private school for your child, make sure that they offer sufficient classes in all areas of study, including the electives. Choosing a school that goes heavy on the sciences is fine, as long as they also go heavy on the language and social studies aspects of education.

Check the College Entrance Statistics

If college is the ultimate goal for your child, you'll want a private school that emphasizes that goal. You want one that has demonstrated a proven track record of getting their students accepted to college. While you're in the process of choosing a private school for your child, ask about their college entrance statistics. How many of their students are accepted to colleges each year? How many are accepted to Ivy League universities? Having this information will help you narrow the field, and choose the right school for your child.

Remember Recess

Finally, when choosing a private school for your child, don't forget about recess. Kids need to have a few minutes during each school day to unwind and get some air. Be sure the school you choose provides time each day for recess.